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Aya: The mosque of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the last day. Perform as-salat (the prayer) and give zakat (obligatory charity) and fear none but Allah. It is they who are on true guidance'. The Prophet S.A.W. said : 'Whoever builds a masjid for the pleasure of Almighty, Almighty builds a house for him in Jannah (Bukhari Sharif) and Ibn Abbass said: 'Mosques are Allah's houses on earth' (Al mujimul kabiru tubrani).


500 Prayers 85,000 U.S.D
400 Prayers 80,000 U.S.D
300 Prayers 70,000 U.S.D
200 Prayers 60,000 U.S.D
100 Prayers 50,000 U.S.D

The Daar-ul-Quran-ul Kareem Society, until now, Alhamdulillah, has built 20 mosques in different parts of Kenya. There are many other places all over the country in need of building mosques urgently. Therefore all brothers and sisters are requested to donate generously towards the construction of the mosques.
Communication and periodical reports to the projects' donor shall be through construction reports showing images of the project to be sent to the donor by email stating the work progress and rate of execution till final completion of all construction works.

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The Messenger of Allah S.A.W. said: 'Any one who provides Iftaar for the one who is fasting in Ramadhan, will have the same reward of a fasting person without decreasing any of the fasting person's reward.'
Daar-ul-Quran Society organizes the merciful feasts and allocates tents for serving the Iftaar all through the Holy month of Ramadhan in selective locations in the various cities and mosques.
We served meals for Iftaar to thousands of poor Muslims who benefited in that project. We also distributed food to poor families.

The fast breaking project is considered as one of the main projects in which the charity people compete to obtain the blessing of Allah during that month. The cost of breaking the fast for one person is 5 U.S.D. so take the initiative and win the prizes and rewards in the month of mercy.

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Aya: And we have made from water even living things'. Due to the shortage of water in different parts of the country, some people walk a distance of 1OKm to 20Km to get water. Daar-ul-Qur'an Society started digging of wells/bore holes from year 2000.
1. Ordinary bore hole with hand. Pump, 30metresdeep will cost 3,000 U.S.D.
2. Bore hole with automatic pump, 140 meters deep, will cost 10,000 U.S.D.

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Zakah is one of the pillars of Islam. The rate of zakah is 2.5% "of your money when one year passed.

The Prophet S.A.W said:
The Lord has imposed the zakat to make good of the remains of your money. Money will never decrease by alms.
This is what our Prophet (P.B.U.H) educated us with. He recommended all Muslims to perform that noble deed in order to fulfil the concept of the social solidarity among the whole community. The zakat is a due obligation towards the poor from the rich which purifies the soul and money. Dear brother philanthropist, dear sister philanthropist/ we extend our hand to you to communicate with us and provide the zakat to the beneficiaries.


 P.O. BOX 1600 - 00600, Nairobi, Kenya.

(+254) 208 155 143, Fax no. + 254 202102673

[email protected]

Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 18:00


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